Saturday, May 20, 2017

Even a Blade of Grass

This is the whole point of A Record of Graces..paying close attention to and appreciating what's been given. This daily photo challenge keeps me looking for the good in the day and seeing the mystery in an object, or the magnificence in simple ordinary everyday life. Here's my mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world this week: 

Sunday: Measure

This little girl was given a double measure of lollipops today and had one clutched in each hand. She'd gnaw on one for a while then lick the other for a time. This kid's got it made. 

Monday: Warmth 

These 2 just finished a semester of college. John's headed to UTEP continuing his studies in Biology in the fall while Jonathan stays at the community college taking preliminary classes. Both earned a 4.0 average. The Realist and The Dreamer, they both bring warmth and a lot of personality, not only to our family, but to their classes and to our church as well. 

Tuesday: Sincere

The Daisy- symbolic of childhood, innocence, purity. It's probably my all time favorite flower. I love their bright, simplistic, fresh, and sincere beauty. (Close up shot of daisies I have on my kitchen table.) 

Wednesday: Digit

You would think by now I'd have all these medical posters memorized as much as I read them while waiting with my dad in a doctor's office. My dad had a pre-op appointment to go over details for the upcoming rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder. I was looking at this poster today and am just amazed at the design and the Designer of the hand and how much even one digit matters. 

Thursday: Ellipse

Certainly not a word I use or think about every day, so I had to look up the definition. It's a Geometry term, but one of the synonyms for the word was, 'a rounded object'. Good enough for me since I was going to use this dish anyway tonight. This oval dish was given to me by my friend Marsha quite a few years ago. We had been traveling and staying in our home church's prophet's chamber. Marsha had cooked a nice ham dinner for us including homemade macaroni and cheese. The mac and cheese was in this oval dish and she said I could have it..and the recipe. I think of her every time I cook with it. Tonight we're having 'lazy' chicken enchiladas. Instead of rolling each tortilla with chicken, I just layer tortillas, salsa, chicken, and cheese. I've used this dish for fruit cobblers, for cooking rice, for breakfast casseroles and more. 

Friday: Cusp

Here he is, the birthday boy, on the cusp of surgery. He was opening a birthday gift from my sister. I'm happy to report that surgery went well and so far, everything seems normal. We are on the 'cusp' or brink of a few months of physical therapy for his arm and also a lot of time house-bound. The therapist doesn't want my dad out too much due to susceptibility of infection setting in. 

Saturday: Budding

I'm spotting buds on my rose bushes again! 

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