Saturday, May 6, 2017

Capture Moments Beautifully

"You don't need a camera all the time-- the soul, the heart, the eyes, and spirit and all your other senses capture moments beautifully, too." -Terri Guillemets

Every day, for the last several months, I've been following a 'photo challenge' which has a different theme daily to capture. Sometimes, there are more than one thing or concept I could post, but I try to stick to just one and savor the rest quietly. There is no possible way to capture with a camera everything I see as beautiful or meaningful, so it's an exercise of the heart, really, to take note of new mercies every day. Here's this week's camera captured moments: 

Sunday: Sweet

Salsa? Sweet? Well, no...but today we had tostadas celebrating Kid's Day in Mexico. When the ladies were talking last week about who was going to bring what for the meal, Martina said she'd bring salsa. When we lived in Mexico, she worked with us helping around the house especially when we had summer mission trip groups coming. Ahh...the scent memories of roasting jalapenos in the house...Well, I commented on how I loved her salsa...and she had made extra and brought me some to take home. What a thoughtful gesture! She was so sweet to do that!! I love this stuff on my eggs in the morning! Tasty. And I'm calling today's theme, "sweet with a bit of heat". 

Monday: Magazine

I never would have thought to venture away from traditional homeschool material in the beginning of our journey. Through time and experience, I saw that Jonathan was drawn to the Classics (books, music, and all!)  and we shifted our studies that direction. The contributors to this magazine have shaped Jonathan by the articles and recommended books we've read. His college professors are surprised by his knowledge of old books, movies, and music. His Education professor was impressed by his understanding of Latin and Greek word roots. He's an 'old soul', this boy of mine. I still receive these magazines and I still enjoy reading the articles. Never too old to learn something, right? 

Tuesday: Enigma

This sign reminds me of a song I used to sing in a ladies' trio when we lived in WA state.."When you can't trace His hand, trust His heart". God's ways are mysterious sometimes, aren't they? And at times, we do feel as if we've been buried and forgotten about. Another way to look at it is being burrowed or put in a place of retreat and refuge. So the next time we feel "put under ground", it might be God's way of placing us under protection so we can grow roots and stretch up toward the Son. (Photo not my own. I saw it on Facebook and knew it was what I was looking for to go with today's theme.) 

Wednesday: Aside

Jonathan is about done with his first few classes at the community college here in town. We've shared a space and desk for so long with homeschooling and he's pretty much moved out of this territory now. He does his homework at the kitchen table or in his bedroom, so I now have an office/craft room all to myself. I'm putting aside the old school posters and am redecorating this week. A lot of growth, change, and renewal these last few months, and laying aside some the old to make way for something new is a bit sad. A trip to Hobby Lobby for some new decor helped! My dad came with me and "oohed and ahhed" at all the neat stuff, too - we had fun.  


Thursday: Overlap

My life and my dad's life overlap a lot these days with doctor's appointments and errands. For the past 11 years, we've worked with him in ministry and in every day life. I'm the main caretaker (when needed) since John and Jonathan are busy with college classes-especially when Dad's health is not at it's best. I took him to the doctor today so he could get a cortisone shot in his left shoulder. We still don't know what's wrong with it, but we hope to find out soon. He loves my photo blog posts. While we were waiting for the doctor, we were chatting about different topics and I told him today's photo topic and my thoughts about our lives overlapping each other. He said I could take a picture of him waiting for the doctor but said to be sure to tell you the grin on his face is a lie. He's hurtin' something awful. Please pray for him. We hope to find out the results of a CT scan on Thursday, May 11. 

Friday: Centered

Rest. Such a needful thing, yet we don't get enough of it. And I'm not talking just about sleep. I've been studying about Sabbath Rest and I realize that the frustrations in my life are most likely because I've not laid time aside to decompress and let God center the things/emotions which have gone off-kilter. I'm thinking I need to step away from distractions that just add to extra noise, head clutter, and busyness and which subtract from a restful frame of mind. Facebook is a huge source of distraction for me right now and I feel the pull to disconnect from it for awhile. I think the need to be 'liked' and the need of others to be 'liked' causes me to feel weary. So I'm scaling back, looking to clear my head, and yearning for a more quiet frame of mind centered on needful things. 

Saturday: Received

Well, it's been a busy few weeks taking care of my dad, doctor's appointments, and getting ready for company. Not to mention just life. I don't have too many opportunities to sit and read these days. I grabbed my Kindle on the way out to the airport today headed with my family to pick up our guest. Sometimes moments of rest are given at seemingly odd times. And I received this gift of time to read for pleasure and enjoyed even that little bit of respite. Taking time to rest from the norm comes in many forms. Today, the moments were given while waiting in an airport. 

Wait! A few more things to share this week: The photo challenge themes come from a blog named, Makelight. At the end of the month, the site compiles favorite photos that my friends and family have liked or commented about on Instagram and the most used colors. Sometimes, the photos seem to overlap, but that's ok. I really like seeing the color pallets. 
Here are the 'reports' from February, March, and April:

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