Monday, November 16, 2015

This Most Amazing Day

 A few weeks ago, we went on a long hike in the Franklin Mountains. The weather is still nice here in the El Paso area for the most part and it was a gorgeous day to be outside. We were hiking to see old tin mines and were excited about exploring some caves. 
When we made it to the end of the trail we were on, the trail split two ways. We chose the left one and were disappointed to find that the caves were closed off. By this time, we had hiked a little over 3 miles and were getting pretty tired. My friend Cherie was visiting with us and wanted to go the other way because we had heard that there were caves open to the public. It was a steep hill and John, Jonathan, and I were just done. D.O.N.E. Cherie, however, still had energy left and didn't mind hiking down and up the steep incline to get to the old tin mine. While she hiked, the three of us scarfed down our snacks and drank more water and waited for Cherie. We sat on big rocks and enjoyed the outdoors..mustering up strength to get back down the trail to the truck. The blue dream of sky, the weather sunny with a slight breeze was pure contentment. It was a day to be outside, a day to dream, a day to simply enjoy. Here are a few photos from this most amazing day.



We thought the cactus looked like a snake!

My friend Cherie enjoyed the hike.

We had read that the hike was about 3 1/2 miles - one way. I wore my fitbit which kept track of my steps. We walked over 7 miles that day! Here's a photo of my fitbit screen.
What a day!