Friday, June 12, 2015

Next to Excellence

We've been working on our front and back yards recently. I have discovered pecan shell mulch which I am now obsessed with. Pecan shell mulch covers a multitude of the less-than-pretty spots in the yard. Because we live on a corner, and because we live in the desert, and because there is wind, our corner gets trash and sand and tumbleweeds. When we first moved in three years ago, the front yard had rocks..which, up until recently, had a layer of sand on them.  It begged for attention. We've been weeding those dreadful tumbleweeds and picking up trash for weeks. The other day, my sweet husband put border around our yard and a few layers of pecan shell mulch on top. It looks like a different corner now.  I have more work to do in the backyard to cover up some areas where our grass isn't growing and around some of our newly purchased trees. John says I can't cover up everything with pecan shells around here. We do live in the desert, after all, and everywhere, there's sand.   I'm not a professional gardener/landscaper by any means, but it's rewarding to see our family working together to make the yard look nice. I appreciate so much the guys' help and going along with my ideas and even having a few good ones of their own. This year, my goal was to get the yard to be a place where we wanted to go outside and drink coffee in the mornings or at night while John and Jonathan threw a football around. Next year, I want to get some nice patio furniture and some shade. For now, I'm quite happy with our progress. This morning, while watering my herb garden, roses, and honeysuckle, I looked around in appreciation for all our hard work.  Here's the progress so far: (Oh, there's a photo of our dog, Zap, who was wondering when someone was going to play with her while all this yard work was being done.) 

We buy the pecan mulch at a nursery in La Union, NM, Sierra Vista Growers. A week ago, we took a different route over the Franklin Mountains instead of the highway. What beautiful views of the desert from up there! In all this yard work and shoveling sand, and picking up tumbleweeds, I can tend to forget that that desert has it's magnificence. We stopped to take a few photos and to appreciate the excellence.