Monday, April 13, 2015

Tending the Roses

I've been taking a lot of photos of the rose bushes in front of our church lately. About a month ago, we went to a rose pruning demonstration in town. Ever since then, we've been carefully tending the roses at church and here at home. Even John has been pruning and taking care of them. The rose bushes have been in the church yard for quite a few years now and no one has ever pruned them. After we started cutting away the dead branches and old rose buds, we started to see good things. The roses seemed to have doubled in size and in quantity! I hope you enjoy these photos. I didn't edit them other than the picture on the left. Some things are better left alone. Once my yard roses bloom, I will share those, too. 

"Because it is sure of its beauty, the rose makes terrible demands on us."
Alain Meilland