Thursday, August 14, 2014

18 Things about Jonathan...

18 things about Jonathan on his 18th birthday:    

1. He thinks nothing of himself yet always lifts up others. 
2. He has many of the Beverly Hillbillies episodes memorized..and does a recitation several times a week. .. His imitation of Granny is hilarious.
3. He also has episodes of Mamma's Family memorized. His imitation of Mamma is laugh out loud funny. 
4. While he has the ability to memorize word for word lines from books and movies, when it comes to numbers/math..forget about it. Algebra is not his friend.
5. When he loves somebody, he loves them with his whole heart.
6. He is the kindest person I know.
7. You will often find him with a book in his hands, head in another world.
8. He took a gun safety course recently and was able to shoot a gun. He loved it and wants to do it again.
9. He loves watching old westerns with his grandpa each night. When we told him we signed him up for a gun safety course, he asked if he was going to learn to 'quick draw'.
10. He is the song leader at church and takes great care to pick out songs for each service.
11. He is learning to play the piano and the guitar. He can hear songs and will work to try to figure out how to play them on his own.
12. His singing voice melts's soothing and beautiful.
13. We live and work with my dad whose health has been changing over the last year. Jonathan feels it a personal calling from the Lord to be by his side and be a help in time of need.
14. He will often ask what he can do to help. He is one who makes a choice each day to lighten someone else's load.
15. He loves musicals and has a hard time getting any of us to watch them with him. We've sent him to his grandpa a few times...grandpa knows better now and always asks first when Jonathan wants to watch a movie with someone.
16. He loves Maureen O'Hara movies. That red hair...
17. If he watches an old movie like Gone With the Wind, he wants to know if there is a book..then he goes to buy the book with his own money and reads it.
18. No words can describe what Jonathan means to his family. He is loving, funny, giving.. He uses his gift of helps in too many ways to count..with his family and with the churches in Mexico. No, he's not perfect. He is an amazing kid and I am so proud of the man he is becoming.