Wednesday, August 14, 2013

17 Things About Jonathan on his 17th Birthday

1. He was born 3 lb 7 oz and was a little over 6 weeks early

2. Such a happy child (which we prayed for)

3. He never needed a lot of toys. He always made his own from paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, paper, tissues, straws..Always so creative. Still is. 

4. He was saved at 7 years old and we knew it. He has a peace about him and a confidence in his eternal home in Heaven. He has hardly ever given us any 'trouble' and when corrected, he was/is immediately repentant. Tender hearted, he is.

5. We believe he has the gift of 'helps'. He is always asking how he can help. If you're sick, he's the one you want taking care of you. Countless times, he has been by his grandpa's bedside when he was sick waiting and watching so he can be a help. Jonathan says all the time, "I just want to be a blessing."

6. His best friend in the whole wide world is his grandpa. They watch old Westerns, Andy Griffith, Matlock, and many of the 'old' shows. 

7. He likes old books, old music, old hymns (Fanny Crosby is his favorite hymn writer), old movies, and old tv shows. 

8. He has always loved books/reading. We can't keep books in his hands fast enough. Mysteries, the Classics, Anne of Green Gable, Little House on the Prairie..even my Beverly Lewis books bases on Amish life. Not sure if he has just one favorite. And he still likes to be read to.

9. Math has always been a tough subject for him. We both cry when we do Algebra. 

10. He is learning to play the piano quite nicely. He will be better than me someday. He will sit for hours on his keyboard in his room and just play..just because. 

11. He wakes up in the middle of a conversation. It could be from 2 days ago that somehow he didn't feel was finished. Always a chatty one in the morning. 

12. He's a homebody. While he likes to fellowship and be around others his own age, he is content to 'hang out' at home with his grandpa and his parents. 

13. He has an amazing singing voice..always has.

14. He's taking his sweet time growing up. He is one to 'take joy in the journey'. I have to be careful with not saying 'Hurry up' all the time to him. He's one to stop and smell the roses, look at everything (and comment on it!), and 'enjoy the ride'.

15. He is obsessed with the Titanic. He's read books, studied, watched documentaries (No, he's not interested in the modern movie. He's never seen it. He wants to see the 1953 version. ) 

16. His favorite food is breakfast pizza -which I am making for his birthday this morning. 

17. The meanings of his name: 'Jehovah has given', "Jehovah's Gift", or "Given of God".