Monday, July 22, 2013

I Choose to Relish the Grace Moments

The smell of coffee reaches my senses this morning as I struggle to open my eyes. Dad is awake and sitting in the living room quietly waiting for everyone to stir. I simply cannot open my eyes! We were out until midnight with some new friends. We haven't been out like that in a very long time, and it was nice to 'connect' again with a family. My brain is processing how
wonderful it was to laugh and talk til late hours about anything and everything. But part of me is struggling. I like my mornings pretty structured. I like to get up, get breakfast ready. I like for Jonathan to start practicing his piano right after breakfast, and after that, start his home school studies. It's after 9: a.m. and I'm still in my pajamas and breakfast is still a question mark. Normally, unheard of! We are all struggling to wake up and get moving. 

Time with friends is few and far between anymore with busy lives and distance between us. I have a choice to make. I could choose to be annoyed that my little structured world is not happening today.  But, today I'm choosing to enjoy the slow morning and not rush. I choose to embrace how it felt admiring my new friend's garden and talking about strawberries and okra. I choose to enjoy the memory of conversation over coffee, cake, and watermelon. We don't always get moments like these -time to just talk and not have to be anywhere at any particular time. Time is a gift. I choose to relish the 'grace moments'. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Spenders of Grace

Lavish in Love, 
Extravagant in Truths, 
Big Spenders of Grace…”

It has been awhile since I've posted. In March, I had a big set back health-wise. Kidney stones attacked me and I was 'down' for 3 weeks. The.most.painful.thing I have ever been through...twice. It entailed a trip the the ER and it was just plain miserable. The first time was 3 years ago. After all that mess, it left me just physically weak for months. It took a lot out of me. I feel that I am 'coming out of the woods' and that I'm starting to feel normal again (no comment, please). I've had posts come in and out of my thoughts and just did not have the energy to think them all through to post. Today is just a quick one. I started to type out a long post and still can't keep my thoughts on track. I'm knee deep in Algebra ('Motion' Problems...ugh!), the Iliad (for Jonathan's Ancient History class), other home school stuff, church stuff, and home school group stuff.

 I came across this and it's something that has made me store it in the back of my brain to process later. (Because really, I'm over processed right now with some things.
And to stuff one more piece 
of information in my head is just too much. Can we say 'Information Overload Fatigue Syndrome'?) Forgive my ramblings,  but I wanted to get this 'out' while I was thinking on it. 

The phrase, "big spenders of grace" caught my attention. In a world where we make ourselves so busy that we have no time for others, we lose the ability to show grace to others. We are exhausted, testy, tried, and tired. On the other hand, there are those always spending grace on others, but they are not taking care of themselves. Saying 'no' to projects or things that require too much of their time that they don't have in the first place is hard to do. So my quick thoughts are,  "Are we 'free' enough to have the time and the 'heart space' to spend grace on others? Or have we been too overloaded to not spend grace on ourselves?" Not just as mothers, but as human beings in all types of roles that we fill in our home, our church, and in our community. 

Grace -to confer dignity or honor on