Friday, February 15, 2013

Is This Your Seat?

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. Psalm 1:1

Such a touchy subject this could be, but it's been on my mind for a few weeks. Sometimes, we  as Christians can overlook some things in our lives. We can say, "I don't walk with the ungodly and I certainly don't let my children associate with any of them". Or we can say that no way do we stand on the same 'path' as those sinners. The part I want to focus on is the 'nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.'

Scenario after church on Sunday: 

Mom is talking to a family outside in the parking lot smiling, laughing, seemingly having a good time 'fellowshipping'. The family piles into the car headed for home or out to eat and Mom says, "I can't stand that woman. Can you believe she lets her kids act that way? The least she could do is make sure they take a bath before they come to church.  And some makeup wouldn't hurt her any.  And her husband? Such a jerk. I can't believe the pastor lets him be a deacon." Dad says he can't believe the pastor preached that message again and wishes that the pastor would just move on already. 

We need to be mindful of our actions and our words. We can destroy our children's heart for God by criticizing. When we disrespect others, do we really have hope for our kids to have any? ((sigh)) Yes, I've been disrespectful, disapproving, and scornful. (gasp!) I'm guilty - God has been working on my heart about this for awhile now. I don't want ridicule to run in my household. This doesn't only extend to our church can extend to people in our own home - wives having scorn for their husbands and vice versa, children scorning the authority of their parents and grandparents. It can extend to our children's Sunday School teacher, school teacher, or coach.  Once we sit in that seat, it can get pretty comfortable. When we sit down with someone, we can tend to stay awhile. God forbid that we as wives, mothers, Christians ...ever find ourselves seated permanently in this seat. We shouldn't be sitting there at all, yet we all know it happens. Be honest with yourself.  Most times the ridicule isn't meant to be so ugly or hateful..just an offhand remark - not a big deal, right? Wrong. 

"A family full of scorn is a family headed for ruin, for scorn is the soul in decay. It is finding fault and deriding the failures of others while believing oneself to be somewhat better." -Debi Pearl

My blog title is called A Record of Graces. I want my life to show the record of God working in my life; His grace covering me, changing me...In this post I ask that He would change the seat of scorn that I have from time to time placed my mind and heart. 

"Teach not thy lips such scorn, for it was made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt." -William Shakespeare

The seat of the scornful: Is this your seat?