Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Grace of Finding the Missing

I am so glad to record here the grace of finding a missing girl from our church. We are missionaries in the dangerous city, Ju├írez, Mexico. We lived there for close to 7 years and just this summer, moved over into El Paso, TX. We still have our church there where my husband pastors and we have had no trouble going over the border for services. Sunday, when we arrived at the church, we were told that Leslie, a 12 year old girl had been missing since Saturday morning. On Saturdays, she takes a music class at a nearby school. Her cousin dropped her off and later she called to see if she could stay at a friend's house. As the hours went by, no one had heard from her or seen her. We had a short service, ending it with prayer for the family and prayer that Leslie was ok. The whole church family went over to her house to pray with the family. They had already looked everywhere they thought to look and just didn't know what else to do. My husband offered to take the mom around in our truck up and down the streets to see if we saw her. We were out for @ 3 hours with no sign of her. If you follow any news in Mexico, you know that the drug war rages, kidnappers abound, and extortioners are lurking. Trying not to get carried away with what could have happened to her, we went up and down the streets, looked into parks and around gas stations. Several times, we went to the school to talk to the director and secretaries. No one knew anything. 

By the third hour, the mom was ready to go home, but she wanted to check one more time with the afternoon school secretary who hadn't been there before. This time, there was information. The secretary gave the mom the address of a friend's house where she might be. There she was -alive and well. She is not one to be rebellious so this was surprising. When she got in the truck, she looked contrite and not defiant, for which I was glad. The last anyone had heard of her, she was walking home from another friend's house..then just disappeared. What a relief that she was found, and only a few minutes from her house!! We are so thankful for this blessing and the grace of Leslie.